6100 Vs 2500K

Right guys, here's 2 systems I could build, which is best, I will be using Blender but also playing games like AC:R, BF3, MW3 etc.

AMD FX-6100@4.75ghz
AMD HD 6770 + 5770 (CF)
Corsair XMS3 1600 12gb 2x2 + 2x4
Coolermaster Hyper 212
£352.09 (aria.co.uk)

Intel SB:
Intel i5 2500k@4.00ghz
Asrock Z68 Extreme3
AMD HD 5770
Corasair XMS3 1600 12gb 2x2 + 2x4
Arctic cooling F7 Pro
£353.08 (aria.co.uk)

Out of those i currently own:
AMD HD 5770
Arctic cooling F7 Pro
Corsair XMS3 1600 4gb 2x2

Thanks guys, I'm open to opinion but all I have is £360 so nothing over.
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  1. Go with the i5 and get 4GB more RAM
  2. The 2500K is a better CPU, but the AMD build has a better graphics setup. I would put the CrossFire in the Intel build.
  3. I can't put the crossfire in the 2500k because i can't afford it, also it would run at x8/x8 rather than x16/x16 and i know with blender the 6100 is better than the 2500k so tbh I need to know if while gaming the 6100 will bottleneck the graphics by alot
  4. The 6100 should be fine, but are you sure you can crossfire the 6770 with the 5770? I have a 6770 and I would like to know.
  5. Yes, AMD do a chart and the 6770/6750 and the 5770/5760 crossfire as long as the 67xx is the first card.
  6. 5750, sorry
  7. Go for the 2500k.
  8. can you back up that answer?
  9. Horney said:

    Thank you. I did not see that info. Might try that one day!
  10. For gaming the AMD build is better and even still the OCed 6100 has lots of power for everything I mean we don't need the fastest CPU in the world at home.
  11. yeah, 6100's probably best the mobo's better and i get more gpu power

  12. And if you don't mind, PM me about how Crossfire plays with the 5750
  13. 6100 not because of it being better, it is worse, no doubt, its just the price difference of mobo's makes it more cost-effective.
  14. For futureproofing the 2500k wins hands down. It beats the AMDs big brother FX 8xxx series chips in pretty much everything except a few heavily threaded apps.


    Go with the 2500k. It can be overclocked another 500Mhz easily. Get another 6770 in a month or whenever you can afford it. Adding another GPU is cheap compared to a whole system upgrade. HD5770/6770s are pretty cheap.
  15. Horney said:
    can you back up that answer?


  16. You didn't read the question it was 2 systems 1 2500k 1 6100, it's not just the chips
  17. Horney said:
    You didn't read the question it was 2 systems 1 2500k 1 6100, it's not just the chips

    The systems both have identical memory and aftermarket cooling. The only real difference is one HD5770 or 2. The question is would you rather have the much faster, more futureproof system that you could add a second HD5770 to when you can afford it, or have dual graphics cards now.
  18. Horney said:
    You didn't read the question it was 2 systems 1 2500k 1 6100, it's not just the chips

    I read your question perfectly.

    I am fully aware that you are asking about two systems and not just two CPUs.

    However the rest of the systems are some what irelevent, it is the CPUs on which you should be making your decision on. The rest of the systems are very comparable.

    The 2500k wins hands down. Everybody else who knows what they are talking about will tell you the same thing. A 2500k beats a 6100 hands down.
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