What video card can my PCI support?

Okay,I am so confused.I went trough tons of threads and web searches,but I still have not found an answer to my question,being:
Exactly,what kind of video cards can I run on my pc?
And if I can run some,will it fit in the pc case?
here are my specs that I considered important for a more detailed answer :
PCIe x16
current video card is Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family
I have 1.5gb Ram
Motherboard Name: FUJITSU SIEMENS D2164-A1
My pc case looks like this from inside

So,now I want to ask,will I be able to run (and if yes,will it FIT in the case?) a decent nVIDIA,like a Palit 8400GS Super,for instance...or some other basic gaming card.
Thank you.
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  1. Your power supply has alot to do with what video card you can put , along with the space and the slot type , Pci-e 1.0 ,2.0. The ram amount is kind of low and that will determine how well Windows works when gaming.
  2. okay,but...that didn't answer my question.Will I,or will I not be able to run the appointed nVIDIA card?
  3. PCI is PCI, so all you need to do is measure the length of space available to you and check out the length of any PCI card that you are interested in.BTW ,,most of us have moved to PCI-E,,so may not have that info handy any more,,BUT , if memory serves [at 60+ not so sure anymore] all PCI cards were more or less the same length,,maybe..:)
  4. Yes you will be able to run it because pci-e is pci-e and the only difference is that the card is pci-e 2.0 , while it will work in that slot because you have pci-e 1.0 you may not get the cards full perfomance , you will need a 2.0 slot for that.
  5. I see.Thank you,I will consider this next time I look up to a card,thank you for the info. =]
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