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My first gaming build, are these parts good?

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  1. Hey,

    Pretty good, but I would swap out your motherboard and power supply for these two:

    Motherboard -- ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
    PSU -- Corsair TX-650 V2

    With the $55 you save, bump up to a 6870 or (ideally) a 6950 1GB. You'll see a big difference in gaming performance, especially at 1920x1080. (Honestly, I'd scrap the SSD before I dipped below a 6950 if my plan was to build a gaming machine on a budget.)
  2. I would pick a better graphics card. I suggest looking at the 560ti or something along those lines. I would also highly recommend getting the ssd, and for your cooler I believe they just released an upgrade called the hyper 212 evo. Everything else looks pretty good.
  3. Great but to be future proof - as others have pointed out - go for a better graphics card a 6950 would be great plus it supports tri-fire so that can help in the future also, get a bigger monitor i've got a 21.5in and i sit about 2ft away and i can see a decent amount of my wall, just a thought
  4. TheWolfRj said:

    It's good, but the 3-fan cooler is super long, so make sure it'll fit in your case if you choose it.

    This XFX one would also be a good bet.
  5. it will fit in the vengance if you remove the hdd cage and the external 3.5in bays, but don't worry there are still 2 hdds bays avaliable.
  6. This is a pretty good build but if you want to play games on ultra high settings i would get a better GPU. You could buy this all now and when you have the money get a second GPU and you could play most games on high and ultra settings. I wouldn't get the SSD if i were you. I would also recommend asking some friends or family if they have any spare parts (Cases, power supplies,and optical drives are pretty easy to find). You might also want to look into getting a used monitor.
  7. So should I get the Avenger Midi Tower Gaming case instead?

    And I already have a monitor, so I don't have to spend money on one just yet :)
    I probably will get the XFX 6950 as mentioned up a ways.

    Would this make a really sound gaming computer? Like could I play Crysis or Bf3?

    xtreme by spare parts I do have a hard drive from my last computer. It is a SATA 750 gb 2008 hdd.
    Just my computers motheboard had an electricity surge and it died, so I decided to build new computer.
  8. xtreme why would you ever tell somebody not to get an ssd for a new build, especially when it can fit within the budget... that's like being born with 1 leg (no offense to anyone)
  9. Xtremeskill, you are 100% wrong with that statement. It's like telling someone to slow down during a marathon instead of speeding up, which is what an HDD to SSD upgrade does...
  10. I wouldn't mind holding out on the SSD, that would bring me down to $1069 which would be great.
    I could always get the ssd and better monitor later.
  11. That works too. However, make sure you backup everything and reinstall windows on the SSD when you get one.
  12. Okay, so if I were to buy all these things now, -the SSD and Monitor, would I be able to play Bf3 and all the other new games?
    Would there be lag in Crysis 1 and 2?
  13. SSD has nothing to do with game performance. It speeds up the OS loading and the Applications you put on it, meaning less time waiting and more time playing. :)
  14. Okay :)
    How would you rate this gaming computer? Like will it preform well?
  15. It should, but you are spending too little on a GPU. With your budget, you can get a 7970 AMD GPU.
  16. How many watts does a 7970 need?
    Would I have enough with a 650? I was thinking of an 800 watt.
  17. 750W should be good.
  18. Okay :) Thanks.
    You've been a real help.

    If you wouldn't mind, could you link me to a cheap 7970?
  19. TheWolfRj said:
    If you wouldn't mind, could you link me to a cheap 7970?

    Lol - that's an oxymoron. Go for a GPU with more bang for your buck - like the suggested 560ti or HD 6950. Either of those will max Crysis 1 and 2 at 40 fps at 1080p.

    Also Crucial is about to release a very interesting SSD called Adrenaline. It will be pretty cheap and will facilitate the speed of an SSD to your existing HDD. I'm definitely looking into one when the come out.
  20. xD
    Okay, so I am probably gonna get the XFX 6950,
    and the original psu I originally suggested.

    One question, can the 6950 do SLI or crossfire? (don't know which one XD)
    And is that better than having just one?
  21. There is a Sapphire Radeon 7970 on newegg. On phone so cant look for you yet.
  22. This one?
    I am thinking about getting it, 500 is a little out of my price range though :/
  23. My budget was 1600 and I managed to fit two 64gb ssd and the 7970. It should keep you under 2000.
  24. I seriously think you should get a 7970, on stock it's abit overpriced but it ocs really well
  25. I would like a 7970, but I am afraid it is a little bit to much out of my price range. And the ones I want are out of stock already. I think I am gonna go with the 6950 for now.
  26. Best answer
    I'm not sure why these two are peddling the 7970 so hard. 'I don't want to go over $2000" doesn't imply that you're on a $1999 budget, especially if you take a minute to look at the configuration of parts you linked in the original post.

    A 6950 will serve you quite well -- I've been gaming at high graphical settings for almost two years now @ 1920x1080 with an HD 5870, which is still a cut below the 6950.

    Your revised build looks quite good, and will handle BF3/Crysis/Crysis 2 on a single monitor no problem. If you decide to Crossfire a second card down the road (Crossfire = ATI cards, SLI = NVidia cards) both your original motherboard and the one I linked at the top of the thread will support that.
  27. Okay thanks :D
    I'll get the 6950, along with the other parts I listed up above.
    Thanks for all the help everyone :D
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