Sony Personal 3D Viewer or 3DTV or something else?

So I've decided I want to treat myself to something, around the time of black friday/cybermonday. I'm willing to spend around $800. There are two things that I have in mind right now, the Sony Personal 3D Viewer or a 3D TV.

Personal 3D viewer:
So I have been following this thing for months. It looks awesome. Basically it's a wearable, hi-tech 3D TV that can accept input from and HDMI source. There are 2 .7" 1280x720 OLED screens right in front of your eyes that allow you to view what looks like a 750" screen from 20m, or 150" from 12'. Pretty much like you are in a theater. It can display both 2D and 3D(if you have 3D content). For sound, the headphones built into the unit deliver virtual 5.1 surround sound.

I've read ever review I can find on this, both user and editorial/professional, and most have been extremely positive. As you can see if you click on the link, they are back-ordered due to unexpected high demand. So I really want this, but have a few questions about it, and was wondering if anyone here would possible be able to help answer them.
1 - They have stated it works with 3D content like 3D blu-rays and PS3 games, but what I'm really wondering about is PC games. After some browsing of Nvidia forums, I found that Nvidia will be adding support for it very soon in order for it to be compatible with their "3D Vision" Software. Does anyone know about AMD? I know AMD does 3D, but how does it compare to Nvidia's and would it work with this? I am planning to replace my aging 4870 once the HD-7000 series becomes available by 2012(likely get a 7870), but if only Nvidia will support this thing then perhaps I will wait for Kepler(GTX-600 series).

2 - What do you think of this device in general? Has anyone here by any chance tried it? There is no sony store near me, so I would have to wait until it reaches retailers like Best Buy, which could be some time due to low quantities, to try it myself.

Although I am open to other good quality 3DTV's , this is the best deal I could find. It will be on sale during black friday for $800, for the whole bundle linked above. If I got this instead of the Personal Viewer, my whole family and others could enjoy it, but it doesn't seem like it will be as good/hi-tech for just one person using it. And I've also researched and found out that the 3D is only passive-3D, not active. So, I have some questions about this too.
1 - How is passive 3D compared to active? I read about it in articles, but I've never really compared it myself. I have tried active in stores, and I really liked it. I wear contacts, so the heavy battery-powered glasses are fine with me, and it gave me no headaches. The only time I have tried passive has been in theaters. From my memory, the active effect of the 3D on the TV I tried was better, but this was many months ago. So if anyone has good experience with active vs passive 3D please share if you could.

2 - Once again, I would hope to be able to use this for PC games as well. The TV states that it can convert 2D content to 3D, so does this mean that the PC game doesn't officially have to support 3D? And is this compatible with Nvidia 3D vision? What about AMD's 3D tech? I've read you need a true-120hz monitor/tv for 3D on the PC, this one has 120hz, but some have said no tv can really be 120hz, only monitors can. Is this true?

So, I think that just sums it up. What would you get? Or is there some other suggestion you guys would make? As long as there's no 3D hate(if you don't like it that's cool, but me along with many other like 3D), I'm open to any other suggestions(surround-sound, etc.) I know it's a really long read, but I tried to be detailed so you could understand my questions. I want to make a good purchase if I'm gonna spend $800.
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  1. Neither option is good for gaming. 720p on smaller monitors do not look good for PC content and HDTV's do not allow for higher than 720p at 60hz in 3D either.

    For home theater use, they may be great, but not for gaming. Neither would let you play at 120hz at 1080p even when not gaming. You'll want to look for a 3D monitor instead. One that's 120hz and offers dual link DVI or displayport connectivity.

    As far as the active versus passive glasses for 3D, the benefits of the active is that each eye gets to see full the full resolution that the source offers (1080p or 720p for example), the passive versions will give half the resolution to each eye. There are versions which are coming out or have come out that have resolutions that are double normal resolutions in order to adjust for that, but if that is not the case, you will have lower resolution.

    Either way, I'd avoid TV tech for gaming purposes.
  2. I am perfectly fine with the resolution. I will still have my computer monitor pc gaming. The device would mostly be used for blu-rays and home theater, but also for PS3 and PC gaming(probably more PS3 due to better 3D support with them).

    Strictly speaking about the Personal 3D viewer, do you think it will work with PC gaming and 3D on PC? Nvidia has already confirmed they will add support for it soon, but do you have any idea on AMD, specifically if it will work with them and how their 3D is different/compares to Nvidia's.?

    So the TV would not work for 3D content from PC at all due to the refresh rate correct? Can you elaborate on this more so I understand it correctly? Sorry...

    But that's what I thought, and after looking on Nvidia's website it's not listed under the supported section.
  3. The Personal 3d viewer shows it supports HDMI 1.4a so it should work for AMD HD3D.

    TV's do not offer dl DVI ports to allow it to work with Nvidia 3D vision. However, if it supports HDMI 1.4a it might work for the AMD solution, but I could not find out whether or not it is supported. I wouldn't take the chance without first knowing that info.

    Just know, as I mentioned previously, HDMI 1.4a, while it works for HD3D (AMD's version of 3D) it will be limited to 720p.
  4. So the HD3D just requires a display that supports HDMI 1.4a to work correct? What games does it support? Is there a page(on AMD's site) that explains it? I couldn't find it.

    So this 3D viewer should work with it? Perhaps I will make a post on AMD's forums too so I can get some response from them.

    As for TV's not working with 3D vision, I though I saw some listed on Nvidia site that did work?
  5. trogdor796 said:
    So the HD3D just requires a display that supports HDMI 1.4a to work correct? What games does it support? Is there a page(on AMD's site) that explains it? I couldn't find it.

    So this 3D viewer should work with it? Perhaps I will make a post on AMD's forums too so I can get some response from them.

    As for TV's not working with 3D vision, I though I saw some listed on Nvidia site that did work?

    Well, I may have overstated that, 3D vision requires dl DVI for 1080p. They do allow support for HDMI 1.3a (might be 1.4, but I'm not sure). Make sure to look under their list of supported monitor/TV's or look for the Nvidia 3D vision certification.
  6. But what does the HD3D require? I can't seem to find any information regarding the use of the HMZ-T1(personal viewer) with HD3D. I am HEAVILY leaning towards the Personal Viewer right now based of off other's reviews on it.
  7. The viewer supports HDMI 1.4a, which is the requirement for AMD's frame packing method for HD3D. It shows it works for HDMI 1.4a with input and output. It should work. One of the reviews mentioned it worked for Xbox 3D gaming as well.
  8. I have read other people say they have gotten it to work easily with AMD's 3D!!!! Thanks for your help so far! If anyone has anything else to add please share.
  9. HEY .. i wanna ask you what did u buy?? .. cuz i wanna buy the sony 3d viewer .. and im not sure .. should i just buy a 3d tv??
  10. I bought the 3DTV, and I really like it, but part of me still wishes that I had gotten the 3D viewer.

    I'd look at it this way.

    The 3D viewer offers the more cinematic experience. Bigger screen area, no ghosting for 3D, awesome immersion. However, it is not without it's downsides. The immersion makes it harder to play games with a keyboard and mouse, since you can't see your actual surroundings. If you also plan to let your family view movies and games WITH you, the 3D viewer doesn't really allow this. It's more of a personal device. The 3D viewer is officially supported for Nvidia 3D vision though.

    A good 3DTV won't offer as much immersion, and may have slightly worse ghosting, etc. However, others can see what you are seeing, and it's more practical since you can see the controller/keyboard mouse you are playing with. It should also be noted that 3DTV's almost always have a 1080p resolution, while the 3D viewer only has 720p. And others around you can enjoy what you are seeing.
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