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hi everyone,

i was wondering if any of you could help me with a problem thats really annoying me. i have a dell dimension e520 that is running a ati hd 3450 on its stock psu of 305 watt. however a friend has recently upgraded his gfx card and psu and has given me his old 1's. the gfx card is ati hd 5770 and psu is 450 watt. now i know the 5670 can squeeze into the case and the 5770 wont but i have managed to make enough minor modifications to the dell case to squeeze the 5770 in and with the 450 watt psu i connected everything up and t my surprise my computer acdtually turned on and the gfx card etc etc and looked like everything was running ok.
however i am not getting a display. i uninstalled previous gfx card drivers first before putting 5770 gfx card in but i still cant get a display from any of the dvi or hd slots in the card.

any help on this would be greatly appreciated as i feel it wants to work for me but i may be missing something simple. u may of noticed i am new to diving inside computers so step by step advice is prob best for me :) thanks
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  1. Did you connect the external power from the PSU to the card?
  2. ^^^^ Beat me to it on the question. There might also be a BIOS setting to adjust (if there is onboard GPU on the mobo), but I'd double check the PCI-e power connection is plugged into the GPU.

    Here's an example pictured below:
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