Better to get a new PSU or keep old one?


I am planning a new build to replace my current Intel Core 2 Due E4300, 4gb ram, ATI Radeon X1950 pro.
Planning to get an Intel i5 2500k, ASRock z68 extreme3, ATI Radeon 6850, 8gb ram, 60gb ssd, 1tb HDD.

I am planning to give my old 5yr old build to my dad, who will use it for internet browing. The PSU of my old build is a
CORSAIR HX-520w, which is a great modular PSU and did not cause any problems for me.

My planned build is budget sensitive. Based on my planned specs and after doing some research, looks like a 520w PSU will actually be enough for my needs. I was wondering if I can keep my current 5yr old Corsair PSU? I will then get a 430w PSU for my dad.

Obviously I would like to avoid spedning $100 on a PSU for myself and if I can keep my old CORSAIR HX-520 just spend $50 on a 400w PSU for my dad's build.
Even though my Corsair PSU has no problems, is it wise to use it on a new build? Considering it is 5yr old. I really dont know if PSUs deteriorate with usage.
Knowing that a good PSU is something that one should not skimp on, is it a better option for me to go the safe way and to purcahse a new PSU? Is a 5yr old PSU just too old.

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    Not sure I would want to trust a 5 yr old PSU for My bright, shiny new i5-2500k system, Even if it is an excellent Corsair HX series.

    As to power requirements and "GOOD" 450+ Watt PSU should be fine. Your system will draw less than 350Watts while gaming.
    My i5-2500K, OCed to 4.2 w/ 16 gigs ram, ATI 6870 GPU, 4 drives draws right at 350W at the wall, and that is running furmark.

    Side Note, if you are considering running two 6850s in xfire consider a 650 Watt GOOD grade PSU.
  2. Since it looks like you are buying a new PSU either way, it basically boils down to whether it's worth risking a 5-year-old PSU on your brand new system in order to save $10. I would never, ever do that.

    If you're concerned about cost, there are plenty of good 500-600W PSUs on special for less than $50 that will fit your new machine.

    If you ever do go to a crossfired 6850 setup (or are considering it for the future), I'd recommend the last one on that list. 600W will actually be enough to power a system with two 6850s, but on the Corsair 600W unit, the problem becomes that it only has a single 12V rail that can carry 40A, which is cutting things VERY close. The OCZ 600W unit has two separate 25A rails. So that's actually the one I would recommend. Some people will swear by Antec/Corsair/Seasonic PSUs only, but I've generally found OCZ power supplies to be pretty reliable in my experience with them. I've personally had that exact same ModStream 600W running in this machine for about 3 years now and would say I'm pretty happy with it.
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