Computer wont boot with new Motherboard.

Ok just recently I got a new case and I decided to hook up my new mother board which is a P5N32SLI PremiumWiFiAP.
I seem to be having a boot up problem with the mother board as everything else seems to be fine with the mother board as in the fan, gpu, led, and computer turn on, but the computer simply just wont boot up to even go into the bios, The mouse wont turn on either.
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  1. Your not hearing any BIOS error beep codes?? Hopefully you have the speaker connected to the MB. Anyway, I would re-seat all connections especially your cpu voltage connector and RAM sticks included. Hopefully that helps and at least that's a good starting point....i'm suprised you didn't hear any error beeps on boot.
  2. I got a speaker, but it's kinda hard to tell where to plug the thing in.
  3. Well for most mobo's it's on the same header where you plug in your connections for the power button / HD LED, etc.....If you have a manual for your MB i'm sure it tells you where to plug the speaker in. If not most manufacturers have a PDF of the motherboard installation / layout of all connections. Your speaker should be a two wire connection and typically labeled on the mobo itself at the header I just described......get that speaker hooked up, I guarantee you are getting BIOS error beep codes...
  4. There dosen't seem to be any beeps, which I am starting to think the mobo might be fried.
  5. Possibly bad mobo true. I would try clearing CMOS and double checking every connection one more time before you replace the motherboard.
  6. Ok, I will try to jump it as well, if not then ill just put my old one back in till I get a new one.
  7. ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP is hardly a new model. It is a 2006 model. The CMOS battery, CR2032, is good for about 5 years before it needs replaced.
  8. Well I even tried switching out the battery, My guess is that I must not have plugged in all of the cables into the mobo.
    I will check it again soon.
    Ok I noticed there is a 8 pin ATX12v plug, do I need to plug in that as well? Or just have the mobo's power plugged in?
  9. Ok I have some good news I tried jumping the with clearing the RTC, I get some beeps, but i still do not know what the beeps mean tho. I am trying to figure out what they mean, but they seem to be 1 long and 3 or 4 short.
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