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So i just got this system givin to me, Im pretty sure it has some issues im trying to work out. Ill list the specs

AMD Phenom x2 1100 6Core
Asus M4N98TD Evo Board.
Gtx 580
Gtx 430 for Physx
Windows 7
Liquid CPU Cooling.
Coolermaster Haf 942
700Watt PSU
4Gigs of ram.

PLaying MW3 on ultra it lags terrible. im lucky to see 35Fps All current drivers, The display driver stopped working a few times but recovered. Im thinking A. Not enough ram hence why im lagging? And B. Psu Is terribly small.
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  1. I doubt the RAM is the main problem. It's so cheap at the moment you can add more if you're concerned, but I imagine it's the 430 being used as your physx card which is to blame for the lag- try turning it off in the Nvidia control panel (set PhysX to 'auto-select' or perhaps to 'GTX 580'- why not try both?- under the PhysX configuration menu) and see if that improves things.

    Alternatively you may have a faulty component- was the computer given to you by someone you trust :D?
  2. Yes i know who the person is, I had to clean the pc alot. I dont think he ever cleaned the fans etc. So i should prolly take that 430 out then? I set physx to auto select. When i had my 6970 and my 2600K i never had any issues, Im thinking now its prolly the AMD 6core bottlenecking maybe. Because i do know that the gtx 580 blows the doors off a 6970.
  3. With the processing power of the gtx 580, having the 430 in the system is probably a waste of a slot and some power. While setting the 430 as the dedicated physx card might take some load off of the gtx 580 in physx games,which there arent many of, at any other time it's just sittin there doing nothing, making your light bill a little higher :-)
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