I7 930 at 45C idle

I recently bought a hyper 212+ aftermarket cooler for my I7-930 and put it in and turned on the OC genie on my MSI bigbang xpower mobo. My CPU is at about 45 C when idle. This seems really toasty especially since a lot of people mention idle temps in the high 20's or low 30's. The OC genie bumped it from the stock 2.8 ghz to about 3.3 ghz changing the volage to 1.3. These idle temps seem really high and i'm thinking i may have overdone the thermal paste. I used arctic silver 5 and put a very thin line along each copper tube on the 212+. Should i expect 45 C idle temps? It just feels extreme and i don't feel like 3.3 from 2.8 ghz is a huge jump i was thinking i should be sitting about 10 C cooler than i am. Just wondering what i should expect and if 45 C is nothing to worry about for idle temps. Please don't tell me idle temps don't matter... that's not really useful.
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  1. Alot depends on your monitor program acuracy, room temp and even humidity (I live in south texas). In my local I've never seen idle temps in the 20-30c range. That's a very warm running cpu and 45c isn't bad.
  2. Consider also that AS5 takes time to cure - it'll become more effective as it cycles through hot and hotter.
    It would help to know the ambient temperature near the computer - I'm idling at 40C with water but ambient is 33C (i'm in the desert - it's summer) but I still don't go over 60C @ 100% load so I'm happy
  3. i7 930 is 3.06 GHz stock, I run mine at 3.6 and it never goes over 62C.
  4. 45c is probably about right for 1.3v

    but shoulnt need that much voltage to get 3.3ghz

    my second pc with an i7-920 needs under 1.3v for 4ghz

    i always prefer manual overclocking to software overclocking as i think the software tends to over volt the cpu
  5. I also have a 930 and its oced to 4 ghz and I would say that 45 idle is a little high. When you ask these questions it would be nice if you stated both idle and load temps. They just go together better and give a better picture. I also think you might have gone a little overboard with the paste. One line is sufficient. Don't really know what you mean by a line for each copper tube. How many lines would that be? Also the other poster said something about too much voltage due to software OC and I would have to agree. I can't remember exactly but mine is very close to 1.3 vcore for a 4.0 ghz OC and it idles in low 30s and maxs out at 75 in prime or IBT. So its either your paste or your vcore thats making it run a little warm.
  6. I haven't tested load temps so I'll get back on that and ya I'm using OC genie built in to my mobo. I think i'll have to reapply paste though. Thanks for all your input.
  7. C12Friedman said:
    Consider also that AS5 takes time to cure - it'll become more effective as it cycles through hot and hotter.

    I know that is what their website says, but I have been using AS5 for a long time and I have never noticed a significant difference between pre- and post-cure load temps.
  8. So i pulled out the heatsink again and decided to put off on OC for the time being as it's really not necessary for me. When i reseated the heatsink i found i really used way to much thermal paste the first time and now non overclocked and properly seated i'm hanging out at about mid 30's in idle. Perhaps i'll push the system harder once it's older but for now the stock 2.8 ghz is solid for me. Thanks for the responses.
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