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ASUS P8z77-V Question????

Hello All,

So today i went out to microcenter and pretty much bought everything i needed for my computer minus the graphics card. So when i got home i opened up the mobo box and realized that i was missing the Q-Shield for the back of the case, and the SLI Bridge connector. I REEEEAAALLLLYYYY want to put my computer together. Could i put the computer together and then buy the parts seprate and still install them correctly?
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    You won't be able to fit the Q-shield in after your install the mb, you won't have the space to put it in

    Also you should call either Mircocenter or ASUS as they should have been supplying that stuff for you
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  3. Dangit lol. Okay thank you for the help!
  4. If you want to play games, just breadboard it and play like that :P

    I did that for about a week waiting for my cooler (no backpanel cutout in old case QQ)
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