XFX 6950 1gb crashing.

Ever since I got this card it has been nothing but trouble. When I first got it, I found it crashed in 2D(3 months ago). So using Afterburner I set an alternative profile for 2D and dropped the Core Clock and Mem Clock to the bottom( this fixed my issue for awhile. Lately I have been playing skyrim, the issue has reappeared again, in 2D(movies, browsing) and also in 3D(games). Anyone with any insight?
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  1. If you downloaded new driver it will reset the clock speeds.You should check to see if it did.
  2. Just checked then, seems all good maintained the previous afterburner settings. Anyone know anything about the cause of this issue?
    I am really out of ideas
  3. What do you mean by crashed ? specify what happens.
    Also if possible, link the GPU you have & list the rest of your system specs.
  4. The only thing I can think of is that the voltage isn't correct.What are your clocks currently at?

    What type of PSU do you have?
  5. Specs are as follows.
    Intel i3 530 @ 2.99Ghz
    XFX 6950 1gb
    Antec 450W PSU
    Kingston DDR3 4GB
    Intel P7P55D LE

    Clocks are currently at 1250core clock and 800 mem clock for 3D and 400/625 for 2D.

    By crashing I mean either a blank black screen(audio still works for awhile) or a stripped screen
    (sometimes grey with white strips often other colour). It changes from time to time.

    The GPU: http://www.acecomputers.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_22_50&products_id=311
  6. That seems like a much bigger problem then I was previously thinking.

    I suggest you RMA the card.If you say you've been having trouble with the card the whole time you've owned it chances are it's defective.
  7. The PSU is low but it won't cause this problem ? are you using a molex to 6 pin adapter ?
    Tell me more, is it giving a blank screen even during surfing the internet ? while you play games you get a blank screen then you go back to nomral and continue playing or it just freezes ? Do you get a "display Driver has stopped working and........" error message ?
    What is your temperatures ? Download This Program and post up a screenshot of Voltages and temperatures.
  8. Yes, im using 2 molex six pin adapters. Ive noticed something new, if im playing a game and it crashes, it gives me a blank black screen with audio and if its watching a movie it seems to give me the stripped lines down the screen. It requires a restart everytime. Ive never received an error message of any sort, WhoCrashed doesnt work either. Before you suggest drivesweeping/reformatting ive tried that aswell.

    This is the screen dump of the voltages as requested: http://imgur.com/X6QoU

    Im sure your right and its a voltage problem, either that of heat(peaks at about 85 with fans on auto)

    Its very difficult for me to RMA the card due to a few reasons location being the main one, so anouther solution would be appreciated.
  9. Have you tried increasing the voltage in MSI Afterburner?
  10. Your RAM Voltage is pretty high, 1.72V is too much unless it's the recommended voltages by the manufacturer. Try to lower the voltage to the labeled one on your RAM.
    Your GPU temps at idle sound to be high too, my HD 6950 idles @ 34C and Load @ 65C.
    * Try to downclock both Core & Memory clock a lower bit, and see how it goes.
    * Also download the latest CCC it could be a driver fail issue.
    * Try another high wattage and quality branded PSU from a friend.
    All the temperatures sounds normal but the GPU when IDLEs it doesn't.
  11. Will give that a try, its stock a 1.1 and you can only take it up to 1.112. Not sure how much difference 0.012 can make, in any case I'll let you know.

    Thanks for your help so far.
  12. Voltages for the GPU are the defaults and so normal, what i don't trust is the PSU even though technically it should handle it pretty well, but i don't trust the Molex adapters either. And the 12V rail should deliver about 12.19/29 like in most cases.
  13. Im not sure how much I should be lowering the RAM voltage by, I downloaded new drivers today. I'll see if i can get my hands on a friends PSU and give that a go aswell.
    As for the downclocking its set to the lowest for 2D but in 3D its running defaults, i guess i could try lowering that aswell?
  14. Most DDR3 RAMs run @ 1333 Mhz @ 1.5V try and set that Manually in the BIOS.
    I don't know what you mean by 2D/3D, i know the meaning but i don't know what application specifies that, Download Sapphire Trixx utility or MSI After burner and manually set the clocks, or use ATI Overdrive through the CCC.
  15. Im sorry but what do you mean you dont trust the molex adapters?
  16. Im using MSi Afterburner, in that utility is an option under setting to set a profile for 2D and a profile for 3D.
    Look at the screen dump: http://imgur.com/1hCBk
  17. Download CPU-Z and in the SPD tab it will show you all the timings and voltages for your RAM at set speed.

    How about this,uninstall MSI Afterburner and download GPU-Z.Use that to base what clock speeds are and voltages.Just leave everything at stock settings.
  18. mrwhatsit said:
    Im sorry but what do you mean you dont trust the molex adapters?

    Any load in the 12V rail cause the molex pins to heat up and not to deliver the required wattage.
  19. Why don't you cancel those profiles?
    1- Voltages seems to be high for the 2D clocks.
    2- The GPU downclocks itself when it's IDLE so no need to set those profiles, you specify profiles only in OCing modes.
  20. I have exactly the same problem with the same card, have you found a fix yet?
  21. Same issue here, striped pixelated screen after crashing in 2d , sometimes crashes on some 3d games too.....trying to use msi afterburner and following your setup though with the stock 1.1 voltage ,still crashes sometimes.....and it's also difficult for me to RMA the card too. OH and, at the top of my Windows ,there's this letters "TESTVBIOS" ,i wonder what are those as i can't seem to find any information on it by googling them ,doesn't show when i take the screenshot. have yet to find a solution.

    My specs: Aerocool Templarius Imperator 750W 80+ silver
    DDR3 kingston 2GB ram and 4GB ram (1.333 MHZ)
    AMD Athlon II x3
    PowerColor Radeon Hd 6950 1GB
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