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My C: disk is running seriously low on disk space. I have purchased an external hard drive G: and have been moving files etc. It is not correcting the issue on the C: disk. How can I move programs from C: to G:? I don't think I want to completely remove some of these programs. I am not computer savvy so need help! Thank you, k
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  1. You can't move programs. The only way is to buy a bigger internal drive and clone your main drive to it and then replace your main drive with the new larger drive.
  2. Agreed. The only way to move the majority of programs is to uninstall them, and reinstall them for most programs have files all over the drive, and so many registry entries.
  3. That's what I was wondering too. I'm doing a new build for my dad who is an accountant and I was wondering if I could physically move programs like Peach Tree and Quick Books from the old PATA HDD to his new SATA HDD.
  4. jimmysmittys method has worked for me two times. Moving from one internal drive to another internal drive. clone C to G. remove C. In Bios make the originally G port, C boot drive. It worked for me but I don't have complicated programs either. The next time I did it, I went from a HD to SSD with no issues at all. Your mileage may vary. The OS may not like it either. Do no erase the old C until you are sure the new C works.
    Moving programs to an external HD like you indicate scares me. I'm suspicious that moving newer,protected programs to different computers would even work. I never tried it. I only use externals for backup/data.
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