What ADSL2+ modem for my needs

Hey guys getting ADSL2+, would like some recommendations of modem/router in one.

What i need it for:
- for home/private use only
- need LAN on my computer always
- need wireless for 1 to 5 people same household
- need to beable to port forward and such for gaming
- OPTIONAL : would not mind having extra ports for computeres to LAN as well
- something that is reliable/doesnt keep disconnecting/die in 1 year or something

I will b buying my modems/router from these places:

My budget is approximately $100 or less (but if there are $120 ones i may also consider it)

i had a look at this one

(some1 told me something about wireless G and wireless N, forgot which is the BETTER one, im looking for the better one as well, also some1 told me two antenna modems are good)

Please any suggestions on good brands to suit my needs is highly appreciated.
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