Ac'97 and HD Audio connectors - What do I do?

Hey all, first time PC builder here, and I have no idea what to do with these cables. Here's the first pic...

And here's the Motherboard (ASUS M99XEvo or something)

Thanks all :D
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  1. You'll find a punch of pins in a name of "HD Audio" or "AC 97" just plug the HD audio cable in it.
  2. I couldn't find any connections like that... Here's my motherboard
  3. Of course you'll find. Download the PDF manual and quickly search HD Audio, you'll see a graph representing it.
  4. On page 1-36 of the downloadable motherboard manual it describes a Front panel audio connector (10-1 pin AAFP) with pin diagrams for both HD and AC'97.

    Intel High Definition Audio (also called HD Audio or Azalia) refers to the specification released by Intel in 2004. The older AC'97 codec is found on pre-2004 motherboards and on old PC cases. You have both connectors but should just use the HD Audio one. If you use an old PC case with only a AC'97 wired front panel, there is an option to change to the older AC'97 from the default HD audio setting.
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