Will CoolerMaster 212 Evo heatsink fit in a CoolerMaster cm 690 II Advanced


I was wondering if a CoolerMaster 212 Evo heatsink fit in a CoolerMaster cm 690 II Advanced without clearance issues.....I'm looking for a reasonably priced heatsink to OC a i2500k
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  1. Yes it will fit and that is probably the best reasonably ($30-40) priced CPU cooler you can get.
  2. yes it will, as long as your ram doesn't have rediculous big heatsinks which it probably wont, so almost 100 percent yes. good luck with your build, and the 212 EVO is probably the best as of now for 35 dollars.
  3. awesome.....I was looking at these for my build with an Asus P8Z68 V-Pro/Gene 3,

  4. Those will be fine although they seem a bit expensive.
  5. sorry I meant these.....managed to pricematch them to 59.99

  6. Definitely fits. I'm staring at that setup right now :) . The only thing I'd mention... if you were planning on adding any extra fans to the side panel of the case... there's not really enough space OR they'd have to be extremely slim fans.
  7. Yes, I have the cm690 ii advanced, it fits perfectly! However, you won't be able to use one of the side panel fans (top one)
  8. Have you considered the CoolerMaster RR-H612 for $10 more?

  9. I think most refer to that as the CoolerMaster 612 PWN just so you know
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