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Building my new rig around i7 3930 and 64gig card, not sure which one yet. I will be running 3 monitors, doing video editing/rendering and would like the option of working/recording one video while the other is rendering. For example recording ps3 gameplay while video is rendering. I will be messing with photoshop as well. Also will be using computer for many applications at once, heavy outlook 8-10 accounts, streaming netflix, etc. I will NOT be doing an online gaming with my computer.

I want to be able to multitask and with memory really not that expensive I don't mind putting 32gigs if it is worth it, and 16 is the lowest I will consider.

My question is this, should I go 8 x 4 gig sticks, or should I go 4x 8 gig sticks.

I will be using h100 cpu cooler so clearance is not an issue. However I do want to run the blue led kingston memory fan, will this work with other brands or should I get the kingston Hyper X.

Since it will not be used for gaming, is 1600 mhz good?
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    memory speeds don't impact gaming as much as other programs. If you research on toms in the memory section they go through a number of benchmarks to how you it.

    If your board maxes out at 64gb then go with whats cheaper. If you can install 128 max then go with the 4 x 8.
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