Video card compatible with Windows 7 AERO

I have just got a Compaq presario sr1510nx from my girlfriend, it was her old desktop.

The computer has what i belive is a regular PCI port. The video card with the desktop is on the motherboard directly.

I am looking for a card that i can put into this computer to allow me to run windows 7, i am just about exausted looking for this thing

Any help would be great, if you need pictures just ask.
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  1. I will show you a few but getting aero to work does not mean you will be able to play modern games on this computer and video card.

    one is

    Well that was all I could find quickly.
  2. That one looks like it is backwards from the one that i need.

    Here is a photo of my connection if it helps. Again, any info would be very appreciated
  3. It's not backwards. In the photo it's photographed, it's just held upside down.
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