Will SB-E price drop when Ivy Bridge comes out?

Does anybody know if that will happen?
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  1. the hexacore SB-E cpus should be the same price, or they will be upgraded, ivy quads should destroy all 2011 quads so the price of the cpus will come down, but the boards should stay the same
  2. If you live near enough to a Micro Center, the i7-3820 is $250, and the i7-3930K is $500 right now, don't know how long those sales are going to last.
  3. End of the month^^
  4. Cory23 said:
    Does anybody know if that will happen?

    The Intel Core i7-3930K and the Intel Core i7-3820 might but the i7-3960X won't because Intels extreme CPU's never drop they just cease to be sold.

    Right now on Newegg Intel's best the i7-3960X goes for $1,039.99

    Intel's 2nd best "extreme" CPU and not even there 2nd best CPU the i7-990X goes for $1,029.99 while there 2nd best CPU the Intel Core i7-3930K goes for only $599.99 because it has a K instead of an X at the end.

    Intel's 3rd best "extreme" CPU the i7-980X now sells for $1,221.91 on Amazon (Newegg doesn't carry it any more) with an avg web price of about $1,150. Go figure!

    So no the Intel "extreme" CPU's never drop in price. They just become more and more overpriced both literally and proportionally until they cease to be sold.

    On the bright side if you wait about 10yrs you can probably dig a used extreme CPU out of the tar pits for a really cheap price. LOL

    And more seriously If your interest is in anything other than the Extreme series, yea it probably will drop a little.
  5. I highly doubt any SB-E price drops will be taking place after IB launches. They compete in entirely different market segments. The LGA 2011 platform is designed for workstation-class enthusiast CPUs. The LGA 1155 platform is designed for consumer CPUs. Think of it like wanting a price drop on the GTX 680 when Nvidia releases the GTS 650 Ti.
  6. There you have it, 3-ya and 1-na.

    I have a feeling the 1-na just might be right!
  7. Another na here. Intel will do anything to avoid dropping prices because by doing so, they commoditise the market. Intel likes to price by market segment, and if performance doesn't exactly follow the segment, tough.

    For example, its segmentation strategy says that socket 1155 chips range from "entry" (i3) through "mainstream" (i5) to "performance" (i7) at the top end, while socket 2011 is Intel's "high-end" segment.

    Anyone who knows their chips is well aware that their market segmentation is bunk. Eg some i5s are better than some i7s, while i7 2600k and 2700k are both better choices than the 3820 for enthusiasts. But AMD's demise as a competitive alternative at the high end has given Intel the luxury of becoming a marketing dominated company. They will do anything to maintain the myth that SB-E is their high end platform and will continue to price it accordingly.
  8. The people saying yes are being way too optimistic. If you've seen Intel's launches in the past, you'd know that they typically don't adjust prices very much at all, under any circumstances.

    I'm guessing SB might drop in price ~5%, probably all through the retailers own initiatives. Hard to sell a 2500k for $219 when you've got the 3570k sitting next to it at $223.

    SB-E, on the other hand, isn't going to budge. IVB is not going to "destroy" the 3820. The 3570k has been benched, and it's about 5% faster than the 2500k.

    LGA 2011 and LGA 1155 are totally different markets. What happens in one won't effect the other. People who want a good reasonably priced chip will keep going with LGA 1155, and those who want the best performance money can buy are going to keep going with LGA 2011.
  9. HAHA NOOBS 3930k 589.99 newegg.com :hello:
  10. Thank you for reviving this two month dead topic with your insightful commentary. Surely, we are all much wiser now for having read your comment.
  11. balzy said:
    HAHA NOOBS 3930k 589.99 newegg.com :hello:
    And your point is......? Since you created your account, logged in and made your one and only post on the very same day it's seems that you went through a lot of trouble for nothing. :pt1cable:
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