Compatible memory sets?

Searched and found some spare parts around the house to build a computer for my younger brothers. Two triple channel 6gb sets from different brands. Timings are the same, CAS latency also the same, voltage too. Overkill, but would like to put these to use.

Building off of a I7-960 on a Gigabyte EX-58 Extreme. Compatible, no?

Thanks for helping in advance.
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  1. i would pick Crucial ballistix, way better than OCZ ram in my opinion (remember OCZ don't make ram anymore) and my OCZ kit failed on me (the only ram brand that failed on me so far in 15 years...)

    Kingston, G.skill, corsair have the best lineup if you want to check theses brands too...

    1600 CL8 or 9 is ok (you won't notice any diferrence between both...
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