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Best gaming build for around $1000?

Hey guys! I have been working on putting together a custom build for a gaming pc for around $1000 for a couple days now. Here is what I've come up with (with links to the actual products on

Video Card:
EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti FPB 1024 MB GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 2DVI/Mini-HDMI SLI Ready Limited Lifetime Warranty Graphics Card, 01G-P3-1561-AR

RAM Sticks:
G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2133 (PC3 17000) Desktop Memory Model F3-17000CL11D-8GBXL

Intel Core i7-2600K Processor

Power Supply:
Corsair Gaming Series 600-Watt 80 Plus Certified Power Supply Compatible with Intel and AMD Platforms - CMPSU-600G

Gigabyte Intel Z68 ATX DDR3 2133 LGA 1155 Motherboard GA-Z68A-D3H-B3

SSD (Memory):
OCZ 120 GB Vertex 3 SATA III 6.0 Gb-s 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive VTX3-25SAT3-120G

Operating System:
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit (Full) System Builder DVD 1 Pack

Cooler Master Cooler Master Elite 430 Mid Tower ATX Case with Window (RC-430-KWN1) -

Really, I'd just like your feedback on whether this is a decent build for $1000. And yes, I know the memory is low but I'll be using steam and can re-download any game at any time with ease. Plus, I'd rather sacrifice quantity for better quality than vice-versa. Also, I'm not really looking to overclock anytime soon, so a cooling system isn't an issue. On that note, if your wondering why I bought the i7 2600k instead of 2600, the 2600k I found is cheaper than a 2600, so I just nabbed it (thank you Amazon). Feel free to critique my build, I want to be sure I'm doing the best I can before I order all this stuff!

PS: Is the Corsair 600watt power supply good enough to support all this?

total price: $1,051.56
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  1. i5-2500k processors will downgrade the 2133 MHz to 1333 MHz. I suggest you drop down to the 1333 MHz version.
  2. i7-2600k's drop the 2133mhz down to 1333mhz as well?
  3. Cause you said i5-2500k, and I'm using a i7-2600k
  4. Unless you do heavy video editing and 3D Rendering, save $100 and get the i5-2500k. For Gaming, you will see NO benefit from an i7.
  5. Sandy-bridge will use at max DDR3 1333mhz.. no matter which cpu version
  6. Go with the i5 2500k instead. There is almost no performance difference btwn the i5 2500k and the i7 2600k. The performance is only seen in heavy threaded apps, which do NOT include games. I would go with the i5 2500k to save money and maybe go with the gtx570
  7. Thanks! I appreciate the input. Is there another i7 processor that's better for around 300?
  8. There are no "better" i7 CPUs that's worth it. The i7 2700k is "better" but once again, you won't see any performance increase from the i5 2500k.
  9. Gotcha. And sorry, that probably seemed like a dumb question but it's because I'm lagging and didn't see your reply before I posted I need a new pc
    This reply is probably late too o_O
  10. You don't need an i7 as stated above. The performance difference in gaming from i7 to i5 is negligible defiantly not worth the extra $50+ from the i5 2500K.

    i5 2500K + Corsair LP 8GB DDR3 1600 $255
    Asrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 $122
    OCZ ZS 750w $100 ($20 MIR)
    Gigabyte 560 Ti $210
    Seagate 500GB + Antec 300 Illusion $123 ($8 MIR)
    SanDisk Ultra 120GB $135
    Windows 7 64-bit $88
    LG DVD Burner $18
    Total: $1051 before rebates

    This build will future proof you more with a board that can support SLI in the future and PCI 3.0 (If you use an Ivy Bridge chip), plus the PSU is able to support all of that plus 560 Ti SLI OC. You also get a 500GB HDD and an SSD.
  11. Nah, Happens all the time if you don't refresh the webpage. So, do you need anymore help with building or choosing parts?
  12. If your not looking to overclock i5 2500 > i5 2500k? save some $$
    and on the same note can you then survive on the stock cooler?
    edit sorry didnt see your post with the combo
  13. Hmm just one more thing, is my power supply strong enough? Or should I go 750watt like stated above?
  14. If you're not going to overclock, then the i5 2400 is better for you than the i5 2500. The 2400 can perform on par with the i5 2500k if you don't overclock the i5. The performance difference is negligible
  15. Wait, manbeastjoe, are you going with the build I suggested? I'd recommend it mainly because the performance decrease is negligible but you'll get much more.
  16. manbeastjoe said:
    Hmm just one more thing, is my power supply strong enough? Or should I go 750watt like stated above?

    500W is enough, however, 650/750W is recommended for SLI/CF
  17. Well the reason I was i72600k was cause I found a deal for the normal locked version. This is my first build btw! So if I seem like a's cause I am :D will probably go i5 2600
  18. *2500 or 2400
  19. 2400 if you're not gonna OC, 2500K if you are
  20. @OP:memory scaling with sandy bridge:
    2133 is a bit too high for a gaming sb build, you could get ddr3 1600 and save some money.
    for gaming, the cheaper core i5 2500k offers the best price-performance. 2600k doesn't offer very big advantage over 2500k.
  21. ^ +1

    Manbeastjoe, may you please just answer if you will overclock or not?
  22. sorry man, missed your previous reply! no, I don't think I will overclock. And I'm definitely gonna check your build out! But as of right now, it seems that the current consensus is that I should stick with my current build but get an i5 2400 and ddr3 1600 ram sticks in place of 2133. Is that correct?
  23. Best answer
    Oh ok, well yes then. Stick with the i5 2400 and the 1600 ram.
  24. oh ok, thanks for the input guys! Helped out a lot for sure.
  25. No problem! Good luck
  26. Just a note: If you have the money, you can go with the i5 2500k and overclock later when you're about to scrap the build to get OCing experience
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  28. r0aringdrag0n said:
    Just a note: If you have the money, you can go with the i5 2500k and overclock later when you're about to scrap the build to get OCing experience

    I agree with this. I'm so glad I went with the unlocked chips because once you are finished building your pc you will want something else to fiddle with. My 2c at least.
  29. Good luck I also agree with the OCing thing.
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