Trouble shooting hardware.

recently i have built a system out of old parts for a friend of mine, the system has started to play up unfortunately.

1st problem is that when i play a video the pc freezes then restarts. (can this be a driver problem?)

2ndly the processor is idle at 50 degrees but can i leave it to operate in this condition or will it cause other issues.
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  1. 50 degrees isn't terrible, though it's awfully high for idle. That alone won't damage the CPU. The load temperatures worry me more, when it's working hard.

    It may be a power problem, but reinstall your drivers first. What is the mdoel of your power supply, and what are all your other specs?
  2. it was the graphics card driver, i got errors for it and even a blue screen, ouch... any way replaced it and now everything is perfect.

    I did prime tests and and the temps never went past 60 degrees... so that's all good.

    thanks any way.
  3. So does it idle at 50 and load up to 60, or are the idles reasonable now?
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