Horizontal lines of Artifacts and resolution change after restart

Hey everyone,

Okay so my computer has been acting pretty funny lately. In one of my previous questions I explained how my computer would been freeze and the screen would become covered in video artifacts at random intervals while playing games on my computer(still haven't found a solution to this question other than my GPU is defective/dying). Anyways, just today I restarted my computer and when the boot screen came up it was covered in black and white checkers that would flash and change. It flashed like this as it went through the boot up process until it came to the windows sign in screen where it changed to thin lines of video artifacts. Also, for some reason my resolution changed to much larger than it was before. The screen didn't even fit on my monitor and everything was over sized and looked fuzzy. I was able to move my mouse but I had no idea what was going on so I decided to shut my computer down. Could my graphics card be defective or in the process of dying? I also read that it could be a defective driver perhaps? Let me know if you need any more information and I do my best to help. I really need help and I appreciate any help you guys can give me. Thanks in advance.
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    install MSI afterburner and check its temps. If its running in the 100's its dying
  2. Sorry man I feel bad for not replying in a long time. I RMA'd my GPU and everything is running fine. I appreciate you responding, and again I'm sorry for forgetting this post. Thanks.
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