Directx 11 displaying incorrect video card ram

mine is saying 748 mb

I am constantly crashing after every map change with my asus 6979 in battlefild 3

Windows keeps trying to go back to basic settings :(

Its a known direct x 11 issue I think if you upgrade your card with windows 7..anyone know how to fix it without a fresh install?
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  1. Go to start and type in dxdiag, click on dxdiag, then check what your directx version is.
  2. yeh direct x 11 windows 7
  3. says approx total memory 748 mb :(
  4. Are you running 64 or 32 bit windows...

    Add your dxdiag report someone else was reading vram. Instead of dedicated memory the other day. Most likely you need to clean install your drivers
  5. Yeah I would do a full clean and reinstall of your drivers.
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