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SAPHIRE HD6570 on SAMSUNG 23inch need advice


Hi all,

Very Recently (yesterday) added to my system is
SAMSUNG SyncMaster (s23a550h)
interfaced via HDMI <-> HDMI cable.

installed latest Catalyst 11.10

default resolution 1920 x 1080 used.

Overall visual experience is not satifactory for me. didn't got a clear dark crystal sharp visual experience. Colors are washed out, sharpness is not as it should be. Blackiness of fonts is little greyish.

tried many tweaks. Also uninstalled Catalyst and just installed ATI driver.

Graphics I usually use:
high resultion pictures editing/touching/viewing/slideshows...etc
movies, internet media contents view and occassional edit.
HD media contents viewing
occassional light to medium gaming.
occassional 3D rendering needs like autocad and other simulators.

Please suggest a better video card ( ATI and nVIDIA )for this situation OR My monitor is not good enough?

I am searching for SAPPHIRE HD 5750 ( or 5770) as they are very close match in performance to 6750 and similar series and less in price but more in price than my current HD 6570.

Is a 27inch monitor OK to be used as table top monitor? or is it just too big. Max resolution is same as 23inch i-e 1920 x 1080 for 27inch also. so it will show more zoomed image comparatively with same resolution and I guess seeing it from same distance, it will not give same experience as on 23inch because resolution has not increased with size in the case of 27 inch

please suggest soon

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  1. Reinstall catalyst and adjust the settings on the tv.
  2. amuffin said:
    Reinstall catalyst and adjust the settings on the tv.

    I have resintalled Catalyst, tweaked as far as I can.
    under catalyst options, display settings two choices:
    < various resolutions>

    < various resolutions>

    I used it on TV mode 1080i , got little better visuality but could not get rid of the blank border (approx 1 inch) all around my visual area.

    When I switch to PC mode at full (native) resolution 1,920 x 1,080 Display Resolution, visual area is full screen ( also overscan-underscan option is now enabled in catalyst at this resolution) but I get all those problems posted above.
  3. Try a different hdmi port?
  4. amuffin said:
    Try a different hdmi port?

    No other HDMI port in my graphic card. other option is VGA which is supposed to be inferior than HDMI in this case

    please suggest what is wrong here. monitor, graphic card or settings or what.
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    Try these:
    *Make sure your set to 32bit colour and havent dropped to a limited colour profile.
    *Make sure 1920 x 1080 is the monitors native resolution
    *Look up professional configuration settings for your monitor
    *That 1 inch black ring could be your screen set to wrong aspect ratio, check this in settings
    *VGA isnt really that much worse and still supports 1080, however if you get better results on that then HDMI id suggest your cards HDMI port is damaged

    From a quick read on that monitor, its also entirely possible that you just dont like it. Its not a particularly good performer in any aspect and appears to be a more budget oriented model. Reading up on colour accuracy and general picture quality is neccessery.
    From what you do on your computer i think you should consider a 68xx ATI graphics card. I realise theyre kind of costly but on sale very acheiveable. Have seen at $150 and less.

    27 inch is deffinately good as as a desktop monitor, its what i use and as big as id go. The image will be as zoomed as on the 23inch as they have same resolution, however the picture will be bigger, as the monitor is.
    As for loss in picture quality due to less pixels per inch (bigger screen same resolution) it is unnoticeable. Humans wont detect any loss in picture quality untill around the 40 - 46 inch mark on a propperly set up 1080 resolution screen.
  6. Thanks for your suggestions

    It is already on 32bit, 1920x1080. I think that 1 inch blank frame is because TV mode in catalyst is good when we want to connect a LED TV ( diff aspect ratio than a monitor) in place of monitor to this graphic card. As soon as I select one of the resolutions from PC mode in catalyst, overscan/underscan works and screen is full without blank.

    for exchanging this monitor I have limited options, 27inch same 5 series LED monitor SAMSUNG ( pay more bucks ) or trying for PX2370 23inch. If there is any better please suggest in my scenario.

    Graphic card, 68xATI series is way too expensive from what I have now. I checked and found 5750 is very close performer to HD 6750. trying to get it with little more bucks than current deal. Please suggest similar breed in nVidia also.

    for 27inch option I have two concerns.
    1) as you commented above ( 1920 x 1080 at 23inch and 1920 x 1080 at 27 inch, I thouhgt 27 inch picture will be bigger at same resoltions so will degrade visual quality but your opinion is diff will not be noticeable.) Since you are using the 27inch. does it really not noticeable? I will opt for it then. which brand of monitor/card you have please tell.

    2) I am planning to fix monitor on the wall in front of my desk. distance from monitor would be somewhat 2.5 ft to 3.5 ft. good for 27inch monitor?

    3) I am already not completely satisfied yet with same series 23inch then going to same series 27inch what would be the result. more dissatisfaction?
  7. OK guys, seems better now.

    updated Catalyst to latest.
    adjusted brightnesss/contrast.
    adjusted cleartype font.
    Calibrated display from Windows 7 'calibrate'

    wishing more better performance. perhaps I need a professional monitor.
    Which screen technology is best truely so far? IPL?

    upgrading my card will yield same or better result ?
  8. Thats good to hear you got an improvement.,3016-14.html

    ^ Here is an article surmising that e-IPS is a nice technology to look out for, offering and improvement in picture quality at a reasonable price. You really do need to look up good reviews, like on Tom's, to be sure your getting a good monitor. It's very hit and miss otherwise, all companies make bad screens sadly. Looks like your one of the unlucky ones my friend.

    The graphics card upgrade i only suggested because of your list of activities, you would find your gaming and rendering a much more pleasureable experience. Upgrading from your current card to a 5750 or 5770 is not a good idea. The step up is to minor. AMD/ATI is releasing new cards withing the next few months, i highly recomment waiting untill that happens. You will be able to pick up 6870's at around $130 possibly less. Now that is a huge improvement and amazing value ;)
    Better graphics cards will not improve your picture much, aside from resolution increases.
    Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks for the comments.

    yeah usually I used to dig resources a lot before I buy a digital gagdet.
    This time it became urgent need when my working XFX-HD 4350 dies suddenly and I went to buy a graphic card wihtout research/reviews on net. Returned back home with SAPPHIRE HD 6570 and Samsung 23inch LED monitor.

    First thinking to exchange the deal with 27inch LED paying more bucks. But I realized it wouldn't be feasible for my case. same resolution at same distance on more upsized monitor would not be better viewing pleasure. Also I feel technology I bought is not yet perfect specially for big monitor. edge LED only rest is same. move your head and colors/quality change.

    I will change this monitor when I got the things I want in some other monitor some day.

    Now planning to exchange Graphic card from SAPPHIRE HD 6750 or 6790 or 6850. I expect big perfomance improvement moving from HD 6570 to ( 1gb ddr3) to hd 6750( ddr5 igb). nVidia is in similar price tag as 6850 but 6850 seems more effecient so far on the net.
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