Dell Optiplex Lights on before Switching on

I borrowed an oldish Dell Optiplex (p4 3.0 Ghz ) from a friend of mine (to play games that are not supported in Win7 :D ) .
I connected the PC to a UPS, and also fixed a DVD ROM in addition to the existing stock CD Writer.
What i notice is when I switch on the UPS( only the UPS. i do not power on the PC) , the power light(green) comes on in the PC for an instant, along with the green LED on the DVD ROM (Note: They are switched on only for a split second) . After that i switch on the PC normally and everything goes fine. Is this a problem? I have very little experience on Desktops as i have been using notebooks for most of my life. So i do not know whether this is an issue - I assume it might be some issue with the PSU. So expecting some advice from you guys.
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    Normal behavior for an Optiplex.
  2. This is normal, do not worry about that "Feature" dell optiplex have!
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  4. thanks for the reply folks. If it is normal i guess nothing to worry then...
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