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Will the Coolermaster TM-420-PMSR 420W be enough...

I'm building a budget gaming rig for my younger brother, max I can spend is $550 (Aud) not including mouse, keyboard or monitor.

Here's what I have come up with so far, I will be purchasing parts in a couple weeks time.

CoolerMaster Elite 341 with 420W PSU - $59
Intel Core i3 2100 - $115
ASUS GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB DirectCU - $129
WD Caviar Blue 500GB - $79(!)
Corsair 4GB RAM 2 Dimm 1333MHz CL9 - $29
ASUS P8H61-M-LX-V3 - $65
Wireless PCIe card - $19.50

Total: $495.50

My question is, will that PSU (Coolermaster TM-420-PMSR 420W) have enough amperage to be able to handle that setup? Apparently it only has 16A on a single 12v rail (as opposed to 53A on a TX650 v2 which I have). That's quite a difference and I'm worried the computer won't run well or the PSU will die.

If not, could someone tell me what the minimum amperage is that I should go for in that setup? I want to keep cost to a minimum hence why I chose the case/psu combo in the first place, but if I have to get a different psu I will get a cheaper case and as cheap as possible psu.

I will be buying from this website:
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  2. Is there a cheaper one that I could possibly get? Was wondering because I think I should get a better cpu
  3. it sounds nice,I also want to build one like this.
  4. $60 for case and PSU is really cheap. You need a better PSU.


    Comes with the Antec Earthwatts 380:
    28 amps on the 12 volt rails.
  5. You cant cheap out on a PSU as if you do it will come back to bite you and end up costing you more when you have to buy double

    Get this case then you can afford the PSU amuffin linked and come around your $550 budget..... you even get a side window with this one :D
  6. Ok I'll get the CX430, and I was thinking of even getting this case because it's slightly cheaper and smaller too.

    thanks everyone for your input
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