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okay, so now one of these drives is making a noise like its every once in a while bumping up against something and going yeeooooo yeoooww yeoooow and sometimes it goes away, but the system is very unstable because of it... if it boots and starts making that noise it wont load windows.. once its in windows it will just randomly shut things down.... I am sending it back unless someone knows something else about it... unfortunately that sucks because I just got my windows set up pimped out...

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  1. Yes send it back straight away, and get a new one, hdds are not supposed to make a grinding noise
  2. Sounds like HDI to me

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  3. I had 10 defect HD from the 200 IBM 300 series I have to support and they all made that noise your talking about.

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  4. nothing strange, just reinstall os without loading any "special" drivers for yer mobo and harddive ever, but most of all get a good cable for the handdrive.

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  5. hi, i had the same problem 2 days ago - everytime a game loads it makes that noise and locks up - they swopped me with a new one
  6. strange, very strange...

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  7. There seems to be a lot of such problems. You can find a couple of rather long threads about it at, a little bit at, and lately quite a bit here. Some prefer to think there is no such problem.
  8. no I prefer to think that 5% drive failure from drive models that sell as much as the 75GXP compared to any other drive is going to be a much larger number than 5% from some other model that doesn't even come close to selling at the volume of the 75GXP. I sell so many 75GXP drives from request and referrals, I often just push the Quantum AS or another 7200 RPM drive for those people who aren't real picky just so they'll move off the shelf a little better. So much so the IBM 46G model is on short supply right now. Not to mention a lot problems I see posted may not always be do to the drive.

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