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Im just a bit confused. Im looking to build a new PC built aound an ASUS Rampage IV Extreme X79 Motherboard "New LGA2011 MOBO". Will I be ably to one of these new Ivy Bridge Processors in the future? Should I want to build until June when the Processor hits?
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  1. Ok so Z68 will be able to use the Ivy Bridge.. which is better for gaming intensive purposes? X79 or Z68?
  2. As I know Ivy Bridge will be on LGA 1155 socket so you won't be able to install it on 2011 socket mobo.
  3. 1. Ivy Bridge does not use the LGA 2011 chipset, but LGA 1155.
    2. LGA 2011 will probably be used for the IVB-E chips, just like it is for SB-E. These chips will almost certainly not be launching in June.
    3. The chips for LGA 2011 are extremely expensive and offer nothing for gaming.
    4. Get a Z77 board, not Z68 or X79. Put an Ivy Bridge chip in it.
  4. latest 'news' for IVB-E is mid 2013, but that will be colliding with haswell, so maybe not then, maybe not at all.
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