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I plan on using my PC for high def 1080p movies using an HDMI. I'll be plugging it into my 42'' LCD tv. I don't play games on my pc. So with that being said here are my questions.

1. What's a good graphics card for a large tv? I know that small monitors need less but I'm assuming a large tv should need more..? Price should be reasonable...
2. Should I plug my HDMI cord into the HDMI output on my motherboard or use the one coming from my graphics card?

I'm using an Intel Core i7 2600 cpu with a Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 mobo.
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  1. Your Intel HD 3000 should handle 1080p just fine. Just plug the HDMI on your mobo to use Intel HD 3000 graphic.
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