I am in the process of ordering parts, and usually I could care less what case I get, but this time I want something roomier, and with better features. I am looking at the HAF 912, Rosewill CHALLENGER, GAMMA Classic. They are all in the same price range. When reading the reviews, I read that they are not the quietest cases ever designed. My question is which case should I get and are my noise concerns overblown.

My build wont have the newest and greatest, it will have a 6 core phenom, mid range video card, ssd, ATX motherboard, and the other usual components.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
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  1. Personally in that price range, i would shoot for the Antec Three Hundred

    Basically in this range, your going to have a thin metal casing, so your noise is going to come from smaller/cheaper fans. A case with larger slower spinning fans will make a quieter experience.
  2. for $50,nothing beats 912,challenger is second.
  3. Get the HAF 912. Replace the front fan with a CM megaflow 200mm fan, the back fan with a COUGAR Hydro-Dynamic-Bearing 120mm fan, and put another Cougar on the side, and you have a silent case with great airflow. You can put another Megaflow on the top unless you want a radiator, then it wont fit.
  4. ( holding nose ) I have to agree with hellfire24 :P
  5. ^ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
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