After BIOS flash, MB heat sink very hot, and PC keeps resetting.

A friend of mine had a post problem with his MB, and sent it for repair.. they told him that they flashed the bios. he put the PC together, and it's working, but after couple minutes, it's like someone pressed the reset button.. I believe I saw the blue windows error (STOP) screen, but it went quickly I couldn't read what it says.
His PC has no fans, I told him to place a desk fan in front of the case if the heat sink on the main board is too hot, the PC actually worked normally, except, when he runs SOME apps, the PC resets again.
This issue is new.. not sure how hot the MB heat sink got before, but it get really hot without a fan.

Tried defaulting bios, new Windows installation, no success..

Any idea what could be causing this?? I thought may be they flashed the bios with the wrong firmware and may be speeds runs higher on this firmware than what the MB can handles.. Am I making any sense?

thanks in advance
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  1. heat sink on what? on the chipset? PC spec?
  2. Yes, heat sink on the chipset.
    I was actually asking about the theory... if anything associated with bios flash can cause this issue.. I dont have pc specs. but it's a mid end pc. MB is a gigabyte with a LGA 775 soket.
  3. Anyone??
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