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23inch versus 27inch

comparing 23inch desktop and 27inch desktop

1920 x 1080 at 23inch ( SAMSUNG S23A550H )


1920 x 1080 at 27 inch ( SAMSUNG S27A550H )

both comparing on SAPPHIRE HD 6570

What's the difference in viewing experience?

I think on 27 inch screen will be larger by (keeping resoltions same on both ) as compared to the screen on 23inches and therefore on 27inch may feel degraded visual quality. Is it really the case? what's ur opinion.

Actually I am planning to upgrade my 23inch ( very recent bought ) with 27inch model as my Desktop screen. Becuase of the recent bought, I have limited time for this exchange offer to get 27inch in place of 23inch with extra bucks.

please comment.
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    27 might look grainier but bigger, then again it is a matter of how far you are sitting away from the monitor.
  2. Get the 27 inch , I also have a Samsung 27 inch and all I can say is that it was one of the best upgrades I did. I cannot go back to a smaller screen!

    The viewing experience is something you get used to at first you are somewhat overwhelmed but then it grows on you and you love it.
  3. My sitting arrangment will be hardly 3.5 to 4.5 ft away from monitor. to save space and make it farthest, I am planning to mount monitor on the facing wall.

    Why I am opting for 27inch in place of 23inch is that occassionally I wanna see HD media on my monitor( HDMI ) sort of wanna use as TV, with little farther sitting arrangement. In that case of course picture will be similar viewing experience on both 23inch and 27inch.

    concerning me is my more usage as desktop monitor, 27inch will be displaying larger image than 23inch, at same resolution then viewing experience will be degraded or less noticeable as a desktop monitor just 3 to 4 ft away?

    you got good experience on 27inch. I am not yet completely satisfied with 23 inches. just bought yesterday. I have posted another thread for that recently and trying to tweak or figure out why fonts are greyish and colors washed out and not crystal clear picture. due to graphic card ( SAPPHIRE HD 6570 ) or make of monitor or just calibration. Which card your are using with samsung 27inch.?
  4. I have used 9800GX2 and GTX 560ti on this monitor, I have also connected laptops to it when I have had to work on them.
    Some monitors just dont show fonts too well or have a soft look to them.
    Honestly , the picture quality i have on my 27 inch samsung is one of the best I have seen. I also watch movies on it and sit at a good distance to watch them.
    I have not experienced any degradation in my viewing experience going froma 24 to 27 inch , if anything it has been a much better experience and I couldn't be happier with this monitor.
    Gaming is even better , everything is bigger!
  5. It seems u are quite satisfied and happy with your viewing experience. have good long years with it.

    for the same subjected matters, I am gonna upgrade my Grahic card from SAPPHIRE HD 6570 to SAPPHIRE HD 6850.

    I did lot of comparisons on web between gtx 560Ti and HD 6850, and the later one, 6850 seems to be more performing than gtx 550i.

    are you hooking 27inch via HDMI cable or via plain VGA ?

    would you recommend HD 6850 over 6570 and 560Ti?
  6. 560ti is the strongest card but the HD6850 is a great upgrade from 6570.
  7. I'm really happy with it , and yes it has served me well for years and it still has that wow factor.
    My recomendations for graphics card right now would be a to get a 6950 or a 560ti.
    They both perform very well especially at the resolution you are using.
    I'm using DVI in my set up cos I have yet to purchase a HDMI cable , I keep forgetting to do that.LOL
  8. Does a big monitor(20inch+) require a performing graphic card too for better visual experience?

    I am running my monitor on SAPPHIRE Radeon HD6570 and also looking to upgrade card so as to get better visual experience.
  9. The higher the resolution of the monitor the more powerful card is needed!
  10. sunnyimran said:
    Does a big monitor(20inch+) require a performing graphic card too for better visual experience?

    I am running my monitor on SAPPHIRE Radeon HD6570 and also looking to upgrade card so as to get better visual experience.

    To add to what rolli59 said, the size of the monitor does not effect the power needed from the graphics card, only the resolution affects the needed power.
  11. Yeah noted.

    A max of 1920x1080p is the max res for typical 20inch and above monitors.
    resolution being same, how does upsized screen experience is as a monitor some 3ft away from you Versus a 23inch screen experience.
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