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$600 - $650 mild gaming CPU

I am looking for a $600-$650 for mild gaming such as League of legends and shooting games,prefer not building a CPU thanks!
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  1. Look for a computer with a Intel Core i5 processor that has Intel HD 3000 graphics. It is integrated video, but it can play many games.
  2. HD3000 won't be great for fps games. OP, where are you from? Are you going to use the pc for more than gaming and surfing?
  3. I will be gaming a little more than surfing the web
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    Do you have a monitor? Of course you do get more power from building the computer yourself and it's really not that hard but all up to you.
    I just browsed the computers on I'm not american (you never said where you were from so I will just assume you are that) so I don't know of other sites which sells prebuilt pcs.
    This one had the best gpu out of the ones less than 650 as far as I can tell, and it's also a quadcore. Intel typically has better processors than AMD, which this is. But it will still be more than enough for gaming and everyday tasks. You also get 8gb of ram which should last you quite a while.
    All in all this computer should be fine for years if you just avoid the highest settings.

    You should wait for more input as someone might very well find you a better choice, even if this one is not bad at all.
  6. I am from Singapore,so I just order it from the link you gave me and they will send me the whole CPU?
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