ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 vs 6

I'm planning my next build and trying to figure out what motherboard to get. From reading a bunch of the forms, it looks like ASRock is a pretty good board and less expensive then others. I see that there's the Extreme4 and Extreme6. Very close in price so either one would work, but having a hard time figuring out the difference between the two.

The Extreme4 looks to have an extra PCI Express x1 port. I'm pretty new and haven't built a computer in probably 8 years so not sure which is the more common PCI port so maybe an extra express x1 doesn't matter.
The Extreme6 appears to have a floppy connector which is nice. I've come across a situation where I've needed access to a floppy drive to create a floppy disk for something so like having this option.

I'm looking to get the Intel i7-3770 processor. Also looking at a SSD for my main drive and a normal HDD for my storage. Will be getting a separate video card, but haven't selected it yet. I do not plan to do any overclocking, but want feature rich which points me to Z77.

Can anyone suggest the Extreme4 or the Extreme6? If there's a different motherboard that I should look at instead of ASRock, let me know.

Appreciate your help, thanks!
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  1. Close on the PCIe x1

    The Extreme 4 has 2 of the short connector PCIe x1 slots
    The Extreme 6 has 1 Full length PCIe x16 slot (running at x4) and 1 short x1 slot.

    The extreme 6 also has a displayport output instead of just dvi/hdmi/vga (if you are using built in graphics)

    The extreme 4 only supports RAM OC'ing if you only use 2 DIMMs (the Extreme 6 you can have all 4 DIMMs populated)

    So, as you mentioned they are very similar boards. If you don't need any of those features, the Extreme 4 is a solid choice.
  2. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm leaning toward getting the Extreme6 just so I can have the floppy drive option if I ever need it. I don't have a need for the displayport since I'll be getting a separate video card. The RAM overclocking is interesting. It would be nice to have the ability to overclock all 4 slots. I'm going to start with 2x 4 GB sticks but could upgrade to 4 and would like to be able to overclock all of it.

    What are the usage for a PCI x1 slot? Would I ever see a need both? I can't imagine a need for 2 PCI x1 slots.
  3. x1 slots are used for sound cards and nics. x4 slots are used for storage controllers. I doubt you would need 2 x1's, 1 x1 and 1 x4 would make more sense :)

    So from what you are saying the Extreme6 would probably make more sense
  4. Thanks for your help. I'm thinking the Extreme6 is my best bet.

    Just to cover my bases, do you like the ASRock motherboards, or would you suggest I look at others like Asus?
  5. In 4 years I have built 4 pc's for friends and myself all have AsRock boards. They are great boards with solid features at a lower price point than competitors. I haven't had a single issue yet they are all still running solid.
  6. Great to hear. Thanks gity!
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