Will This Graphics Card Work in My PC?

I was wondering if this graphics card will fit in my PC. Im pretty dumb when it comes to stuff like that and i have no idea if it will fit.

Graphics Card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127587
PC Type : http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c02459862&cc=ad&dlc=en&lc=en&jumpid=reg_r1002_uken
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  1. It should fit but your 300watt PSU would be the limiting factor and need an upgrade.
  2. what does that mean?
  3. Don't get a off brand power supply. Go with a known brand I would get a 500w power supply. Your motherboard is also not too good and putting that card on it will push its limits. I have a 5570 on my computer similar to that and I am having problems. The fit of that card would be very tight restricting airflow to the point that the heat will give you problems.
  4. what do you suggest then?
  5. This is a good one that I own
    but at the moment I think this one is better with the 10% off and free shipping
  6. Do you think i should get that card or a different card
  7. In what price range?
    The one you have is good but there are always better
  8. Thermaltake TR2 500watt PSU is not good see the little voltage switch, bad sign! The Mod extreme is a good buy!
  9. Most power supplies have the voltage switch it just means it can work with 120v power in the US or 220v in europe. Makes no difference in how good or bad it is.
  10. Active pfc (preferred) and it will work on any voltage from 100-240volts without the switch! http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/cases/display/thermaltake-psu-roundup_23.html#sect0
  11. But the switch doesn't affect the quality of a power supply just means you don't want to switch it to the wrong setting when you first use it.
  12. You will not find many recommended PSU's with the switch but here you can see where the TT TR2 is ranked and it is not only because of the switch http://www.eggxpert.com/forums/thread/323050.aspx
  13. the card i have at the moment is about £40 witch i find really usless... I was think of one for about £80-£100
  14. fine but I have the one and it works fine
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