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what happen if u connect two sata port on motherboard with each other.
I did that and turned on the pc. It was black nothing happend. It was a mistake have i damaged anything.
I was installing a new ssd.
Nothing happend when i started the pc, complete black screen.
I Hade removed the memory while i was installing and when i removed the mem once more and inserted them again it started to work.
Could i have damaged my ssd or hdd or any other component?
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  1. No. I only use one sata drive at a time until the operating system is installed; then I add the second sata drive while windows is running so windows will configure it as a secondary drive. Works if you're running windows 7 ultimate and achi mode for the sata setting in your bios. If windows thinks you have two sata boot devices set as primary, then your system may not boot.
  2. I was wondering about something else I connected two sata port on motherboard with each other and started the pc.
    I should have connected one end of the cable to the ssd but connected it back on another sata port on motherboard.
    And then I started the pc and it didn't boot not even to the old hdd.
  3. anyone?
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