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Hi, i have a hp dx2200 MT and few days ago i took out the cpu to try it on another computer and left the cooler inside the pc in place were it should be (with thermal paste on it) the cooler (with thermal paste on it) was taken out a few times before but for a short period and now it stood alone for a hole weekend and now when i have put all the part back inside the cpu heats allot temp before 50-60C now 60-75C(with med. load) the fans go crazy from 65C soo i suppose the termal paste tried out cuz the radiator is not hot at all.

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  1. Whenever you remove the HSF for any reason, you need to clean the old thermal compound off of the HSF and the processor and reapply new stuff. I'd say that since you didn't do that, that's your problem. You should be good to go after reapplying some new thermal compound.
  2. It sounds like your thermal paste dried out. You will want to put some new stuff on. I always clean the heatsink/CPU and reapply thermal paste every time they are removed.
  3. thank You i though so either just wanted to ask the pro enthusiasts of pc's cuz i gave a problem being wrong about them (pc's) :P
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