Whats compatable with a nvidia geforce 8800gtx ultra graphics card

my nvidia geforce 8800gtx ultra graphics card has passed away.... im curious whats the most compatable gfx card around currently? maybe also whats the cheapest option around also?

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  1. My condolences.

    Now, before we can recommend a new GPU, we need to know your current system specs and some sort of a budget.
  2. I think he's asking what is the closest thing to what he had.

    Which would be GTS 250 if I'm not mistaken, correct? That's simply a re-badged 9800 GTX+ which is the upgraded re-badged 8800 right?

    It's also one of the better inexpensive solutions, and performs about twice as well as what he had before.
  3. Yeah, a GTX 250 is basically the same performance as a 8800 gtx, but slightly slower than a 8800 gtx ultra.

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