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How does one power the fans in a Storm Trooper case?

I'm in the middle of a build and I just can''t seem to figure out how to power the fans...I turned it on and only the back one worked...ahhh :fou:
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  1. I'm about to skip it and leave the case open for ventilation for now
  2. If you have the one fan working, test it on each fan plug on your motherboard to make sure each one works. If each slot powers that fan then put it back where it belonged and plug the other fans into the other open plugs on the mobo.
  3. Theres no other open plugs on the mobo (asrock extreme4 x79)
  4. the one i plugged the one fan into is actually ,in the manual, for sli
  5. Looking at your mobo on newegg, if that's the matching one, you have all sorts of fan connectors on that mobo. I can see 6, based on the pic, one at the bottom, 2 on the upper right side, and three on the top right.
  6. i unpluggewd the molex/sli one..instead used the cha_fan plugs on the mobo..plugged 2 fans in, they worked, but there is 2 fans left and 2 cha_fans on the mobo but only one will take 3 pins (cha_fan 1 is a 4 pinner)
  7. youre counting the cpu_fan 1 and 2
  8. Whats the difference between power fan and chassis fan?
  9. IMO the only fan that is really important as to where it goes is the cpu cooler. Otherwise you can use the other fan ports as you see fit.
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    Fit your 4 pins to as many of the 4 pin connections as you have, if you run short 3 pin works fine with 4 pin fans. You just lose some of the control.
  11. You can always get a fan controller but that's just more money for convenience if you have enough ports. I use speedfan to control my fans so no need for a separate fan controller.
  12. your suppose to daisy chain the connectors as they are not plugged in to the motherboard they use a molex 4pin i believe ill check later to verify, the front buttons on top power the leds

    i just checked the case has a built in controller for the hdd bay fans. make sure they are plugged in
  13. you can also get a fan power distibutor... plug one 4 pin molex into power 8 fans...

    There are also ones for 4/6/X number of fans

    (using one of these for the 8x120mm fans in my WC setup)
  14. got em workin
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