New hd5770 is so slow

ok guys i bought a brand new Sapphire HD 5770 over amazon being sold from amazon and i installed everything and i played all of my games like GTA4 and Dirt 2 at thier highest setting with a min. of 30 fps but now my 6 day old GPU is running so slow like 4fps on dirt 2 and its really ticing me of cause seeing as how i am 13 it took me a while to save up for this. Please guys anything will help
windows xp
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  1. may be your card is heating up check the tempratures of the card when playing games check the fan of card also
  2. i have i ran the furmark 720p test and it says 30 fps min but im oviously getting like 3 or 4 fps and the temp is about 58+
  3. Uninstall drivers, boot into safe mode, run driver sweeper (download it first), delete the amd display drivers, reboot, reinstall driver, see how it runs :)
  4. ok i think you were right pell i started dirt 2 and got into a race and i was getting about 2 to 1 fps so i pushed the windows button and opened up catalyst and set the fan speed to 90% and i went back to dirt to see a amazing inprove ment to about 40 to 50 fps my only question is is it bad to run the fan that fast all the time?
  5. If it's true an overheating then I suggest you to RMA it, still on warranty right?
  6. i hope so but i did ntice something when i first start my comp ill get up to 60 fps on dirt put after a while even at about 45*c i still get lag and also this is pathetic but im currently running 1gb of ddr2 because something happened to all my other ram cards so could that have something to do with it
  7. i also uninstlled the driver put my comp still sees it as a 5770 plus im getting a lot more fps without the drivers
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