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I just bought a Radeon HD 6850 and am trying to understand how to make it work with two monitors. I have two adaptors. Each work on the first port, but when trying to get the second working, nothing. I can't find any documentation or support which came with the product to explain how this is supposed to work. Is there a simple fix to this or am I doing something wrong? AMD and Radeon Support will not respond after 6 days. This is on a ASUS P8P67 LE motherboard, Corsair TX 750W power supply.
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  1. What about display properties in Control panel?
  2. After digging some more and looking through other forums, it was an issue that the HD 6850 only allows only one VGA connection. I had two. The second needs to be a DVI or HDMI connection to function. It required buying a new monitor that had a HDMI connection. Plugged it in and it was active. Not sure I would have bought the card If I knew it would cost me additional $200.00. I guess it's the cost of building your own. The toughest part was telling my wife I was going to drop another 200!
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