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I don't do much gaming, mostly I watch videos converted for my PC or streamed to it. I do a lot of web searching and writing on my blogs but I noticed that my existing video card, Nvidia GeForce 6800 XS/XT, isn't cutting it anymore. I'm going to do a system rebuild and want to place a good graphics card on my mobo, which I still haven't selected yet but will have PCI Express.
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  1. Current onboard motherboard or CPU solutions are sufficient to watch HD videos so you need to select that hardware first!
  2. I expect that I worded my thoughts incorrectly. rolli59 is correct about the onboard capabilities for video with current mobo configurations. I believe what I'm really looking for is that mobo package that will be best for video, as opposed to gaming which I really don't do on my PC anymore. I want the best bang for my buck mobo configuration(cpu, mobo, mem, vid card) I can get and I figure that there have to b e some good ideas here on that. I want to be able to pop a BluRay disc in and get no jitter or pauses on playback anytime. What I have now jitters on a 720p avi file, that's why the new build. Thanks everyone for whatever feedback you have.
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