New video card for an i5 setup...

Hey all,

I currently have a 1gig HIS 5770. I also have an i5 2500k @3.3 and 4 gb ddr3 ram. Just picked up Skyrim and I am getting anywhere from 20(lowest) to about 45 fps. I think it is time for an upgrade and I am wondering what a good card would be for me to upgrade to..

I was looking at the 6950, but it is a little high in the price range for me. I was wondering if cross-firing another 5770 would be worth the money or if I should get something a little lower than the 6950 but run just 1 card, something like a 6850/6870.

I am not biased towards AMD/Nvidia.

Any advice is great!

PS- I don't really have a budget, but it would be a gift so I would like it to be around/less than 200... Thanks!

EDIT: some info I left out.. I live in the US, the purchase time would be within a month(for christmas), and I am not partial to any website.. I can also go to the local MicroCenter if they have any deals.. Also, it would primarily be used for gaming..
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  1. you can take a look at gtx 560ti a bit low is cost from 6950 and almost same performance

    ati cross fore 5770 wiil be a waste of money dont do this
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