Brand new psu and classic problem

I have bought an antec truepower 650w just installed it however whenever I push the on button I am getting the classic fans for short 1/4 of a second then off so I am stumped on what to do

Ps:2 lights on gtx 560ti are on and the USB ports are giving power (charges my phone) also mobo lights are green also just to clarify I replaced the power supply only so components do work
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  1. May have the wrong antec connector to the video card. Double check to be sure.
  2. Using 2 6 pin connectors one has additional 2 coming from it but I tried using 2 completely different 6 pin cables from the psu and none at all but the problem still remains
  3. Re-seat all the cards and power connections. If that doesn't work, then I'd suggest breadboarding to see if you can get a boot outside the case.

    Edit: Adding breadboard link:
  4. Thanks for info and would using an box instead work also shouldn't the cards be seated well as I literally just took out the old power supply and plugged one in with the 8 pin on motherboard, one on hdd, 2 6 pins on the gtx 560ti, and also the 24 pin into the motherboard
  5. You're not turning off too quickly are you? Let it run for a while.
  6. I guess you were just wanting to test the PSU before going thru the install process. My first thought is definitely a bad connection on a power cord.

    Do you have another PC you can test this PSU on?
  7. I haves used 2 power cables 1 5amp fuse and 1 13amp also no I don't but I do have other psu which does boot the system
  8. Seems to be a faulty PSU as I can use my old trusty G7 with no problems
    Going to think twice now or thrice now before paying lots for a branded PSU
  9. Antec is one of the so-so branded PSU suppliers, I have one and have used that same one (BQ550) in like 3 builds.. but some of there other ones have had bad reviews, and DOA problems.. Sounds like you have a DOA unit if hooking everything up a second time dosn't solve your problems.
  10. I hope I can get a replacement then
  11. If it's too late to exchange it with your vender, email antec for an rma request: I've talked to them by phone before; no problems getting through to a real person, but you should be able to do this online. Just select "contact us"; my link didn't save.
  12. Thanks I'll file for a replacement
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