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Over the next few weeks I plan on building a gaming PC, I'm looking for some suggestions on parts/components. Here is some information to help decide what kind of power I'm looking for. Looking to spend around $1,000, but can spend a little more.

I want to be able to run WoW on ultra during 25 man raids, planning on switching to Starwars: TOR so being able to run that at max would be nice, picking up Diablo 3 when it comes out. Looking to be able to hook the PC up to my 32 inch flat screen LCD TV, prefer HDMI connection. CD-ROM drive isn't overly important, internal Blue-Ray burner. Would like to run with two video cards.

Would like a clear case with plenty of ventilation/fans.

Thanks for the help. Any questions please ask.
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  1. Hello, first off, you'd probably get much better response if you'd have posted in New build section of the forum.

    But since you've already posted here, here's what I can suggest:,3098.html
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  3. please bear with me for being vague here as the individual parts are up to you to decide on depending on how things work out with your budget.

    -i7, 920. or whatever model has best value in i7 range.
    -mb, your choice. i like triple channel.
    -4gb min ram, 6+ recommended. remember to get correct # of sticks.
    -60gb+ ssd for boot sector, 7200 hd for storage. i like ocz ssds, wd black hd.
    -your choice of vid card. i prefer one step down from the best out there.
    -psu, do a calc. probably 700-800 range is sufficient.

    i'd suggest against a clear case. its not worth risking $1000 in equipment against the threat of static discharge just because you think it looks pretty. the cases are made out of metal for a reason. static charge will accumulate on the case and not your parts if its metal.

    i have my pc hooked up to my hdtv (through a receiver) from my dvi port. a dvi to hdmi cable came with my evga video card. most newer cards should support sound out via dvi nowdays.
  4. Do you plan on overclocking? If so, get the i5-2500k (around $220), if not, get the i5-2400 ($180ish?)

    Stick with a gigabyte or asrock mobo (z68 chipset, can get a great one for $125-140)

    Gskill ripjaws 1600mhz for your ram ($45)
    60gb ssd (like the one listed under that link by antizig) ($80)
    Reuse and old hdd if you have one, or pick up a 500gb or smaller for around $80
    Get a 650-700w psu by one of the more known brands (antec, corsair, etc) this will be around $90-110 depending on what you pick
    (about $600 so far)
    With your budget it isnt very viable to run 2 cards, and it also isn't too recommended anymore unless you are using top of the line cards ($500 a piece)
    I would look at cards in the 2-300 range, such as the 560ti or the radeon 6950

    With the rest pick out a case you like and get a cd/dvd rom if you need one
  5. Apparently ssddx has been asleep for the last year and two days :na: It's all about Sandy Bridge now!

    Cripple13's got it right, but some new cards are dropping in the next few weeks which could shake up prices some and change the video card.
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