Need help finding combatible ram.

Ok, well I had this computer custom build and this is my motherboard : Gigabyte X79-UD5. As far as I know that's all you guys need to find it out, well right now I have 32gb of ram but I need MORE. Also at the moment I have 8 cards or 4gb each corsair xms 3 ddr3. As far as I know I have the capabilities to upgrade to 64gb of ram but idk where how much and what kind. Thanks for the help. :D
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  1. What is the CPU you have?
  2. qewee said:
    What is the CPU you have?

    Intel core i7 3960X
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    Install the cpu z

    Get the info for the RAM speed, timing, etc. Then you can buy the same speed/timings RAM, if you want 32GB more buy 8x8GB kit from your local shop.
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