560 Ti SLI (384 with a 448 core)

Hey guys,

I currently have an Asus 560 Ti 900MHz, and i am considering adding a second one in SLI for Christmas, will it work with the announced 560 ti 448 core?

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  1. No, they need to have the same amount of cuda cores :( For an example the 460 and the 460se had different amounts of cuda cores. But thats why i'm waiting until christmas till i get my first 560ti ;)
  2. The 448 core 560 is also a different GPU (GF110) as opposed to the current one which is a GF114.
  3. I'm Sli'ing GTX560Ti's on a 620w PSU.
  4. Depends on the PSU, some higher quality PSUs will handle it easily, but a cheap model may cook your rig. If your PSU ia Antec, Corsair, PCP&C, Seasonic, etc. it should be fine depending on what else you are running.
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