First Gaming computer Build $1000

This will be my first build and i have $1000 usd i dont know where to start but does anyone have a compnents list of what to buy or able to make a list for me id really appreciate it.
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  2. You can also shave $30-40 off the build if you want to drop to a slightly slower RAM. 8GB should be plenty though. Also, I recommend you get an SSD while the harddrive prices are so high, 128GB should be plenty to use for a while, or if you have an old harddrive, you can install that too as a data drive.
  3. Oh I totally forgot power supply. That will add a bit onto the budget, but I think you can stay within budget if you downgrade RAM to this: $46 $55 after MIR
  4. sorry i did not fill out the fourm didnt know there was one first time using this site but what about a sound card?
  5. you don't need a sound card. MB sound has gotten substantially better, hardly noticeable.
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