Alienware Area 51 ALX watercooled GTX 260 (sli) --> GTX 560ti

Hi Guys,

The girlfriend has an Alienware Area 51 ALX that's coming up to 4 years old pretty soon. She currently has the GTX 260 in SLi but wants to upgrade for short term use to the GTX 560ti (also in SLi).

Do any of you have knowledge of this machine?

My question is this:

Would the water cooling blocks on the current GPU's be a straight bolt onto the the GTX 560ti's if she were to go ahead and purchase them?

I've never looked into water cooling, and to be honest, I wish she'd just let me build her pc rather than buy from the likes of over priced AW, but hey ho! it's her money and what do my feelings count for? ;)

I have no idea whose water cooling equipment they use, (if indeed it isn't their own). I do know that she has an XFX MB-N680-ISH9 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX mobo fitted, (if that makes the guess work easier).

If I can straight swap the 260's for 560ti's, is there going to be much more difference between fitting the 2GB over the 1GB versions in SLi mode? My guess would be 1GB in SLi would be fairly decent an upgrade, considering in 12 months or so she'll be getting a whole new AW O_O

Anyway, thanks in advance. I hope this post wasn't too vague.

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  1. No Alienware water cooling experts amongst us?
  2. Most likely no Alienware buyers amongst us :lol:
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