New Mid-Range Gaming RIG

Hi There!

Happy new year to everyone! :hello:

Im building a new gaming rig, but need some advices from you guys!!!

What im sure about :

CASE: Coolermaster Storm Trooper

CPU: i7 2600k
CPU: cooler (on it's way home) ZALMAN CNPS10X Extreme with some IC Diamond 7
Monitor : ASUS VE278Q 27inch LED 1920x1080

The rest...............Oh, Those Sleepless Nights...... :??:

I've spent hours reading reviews and not sure what to get

So as for MOBO, Asus Sabertooth P67 or MAXIMUS 4 P67 or ?x?x?x?

Im not going to do extreme overcloking(4.5 GHz?), and not keen on STooth's thermal armour either.
Not planning to use SLI at the moment(may in future)
Price diff is 40 Pounds. Maximus is overall better equipped(pcix16X3, dual LAN...etc.)

Should i spend less on MOBO and get better GPU???

As for GPU, i'm not Nvidia fanboy, but never have a problem with them, so i prefer green team :D

ASUS GTX570 Direct CU ii (270GBP) ?
Gainward Phantom GTX570 ?
MSI Twin Frozr 3 GTX570?

RAM: Corsair Vengance 8GB 1866MHz Dual ch.

PSU: Corsair 850W AX Modular

Any ideas are welcome, please !

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  1. i5-2500k is enough for gaming, unless you do intense video editing.
  2. Get a Z68 Motherboard !!
  3. interloper96 said:
    Get a Z68 Motherboard !!

    Why? (don't need SSD caching and SB GPU)
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